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WonderWave is a sleep planning mobile app paired with brainwave detecting earplugs. It plans healthy sleeping schedule based on people’s daily work and life goals to achieve the most golden sleep and nap time.

Mar.- May, 2015

Course: Business of Design

Role: Concept Design, UI/UX

How Well do You Sleep?

You spend almost ⅓ of your lifetime sleeping, but are you sleeping efficiently and healthy? Do you stay up at night stressed out by work and other life issues? Do you still feel tired even after an 8 hour sleep? Do you know how many hours you really need in order to be productive the next day?




We Want Efficient and Healthy Sleeps

Besides blocking noises, we also want to tailor sleep and nap hours to the highest efficiency day and night. For late night sleepers and heavy workers, Wonder Wave plans healthy sleeping schedule based on their daily work and life goals to achieve the most golden sleep times. Unlike current sleeping products, it detects neural signals to help you fall asleep and pick the best time to wake up, as well as improving your sleeping efficiency by gradually learn personal preference of working and sleeping habits.


Screen Shot 2016-10-25 at 10.50.24 PM




The application has five main functions: daily sleep schedule, weekly report, sleep evaluation,  daily stress level evaluation, and one-click nap. Daily sleep schedule is based on the data collected by the earplugs and the user’s stress and sleep evaluation. Weekly report tracks user sleeping conditions. Sleep and daily stress evaluations help the application learn from users and better satisfy their needs. One-click nap function offers flexibility of the scheduling feature with Wonder Wave application.


Add a new schedule to the WonderWave application and the sleep schedule will rearrange automatically. Wonder Wave will also learn from other users to improve your smart sleep.


Busy schedule, heavy work and limited time. When one needs to relax between work, One-Click Nap offers a short nap in order to be in good condition for later work.



Version 1

Complex interface for both landing page and adding event page, not user friendly and very functionality based.


Version 2

In order to be efficient as a sleeping app, interfaces and flows got more simplified and focused. After tested with users, we confronted several challenges:

Challenge 1:  What stages should the welcome page show? If showing information, what information is necessary to provide? If showing illustrations or action buttons, what are the purposes?

Challenge 2: The main function for this page is to countdown the sleeping time and eventually wake users up. However, user tries to click on other tabs while the time is counting down. (Ideal user case- user is sleeping, not suppose to use any functions of the app)

Challenge 3: (Ideal user case: user wants an instant nap) How to inform users of the best nap choices based on the Golden Sleep Cycle? User prefers a customized nap time if needed.


Version 3


Future Opportunities


Screen Shot 2016-10-26 at 10.17.12 PM-01
Challenge: Schedule and Information

When is the best time for planning? The next day before bed, or plan for the current day in the morning? If there is an important task which needs to be added in the middle of the day, how can we remind the users to add it? How can we inform users to get more sleep and sleep healthier?


Screen Shot 2016-10-26 at 10.17.12 PM-02

Challenge: Personal Preference

How can the app inform users on the best nap choices based on the Golden Sleep Cycle? Users prefer a customized nap time if needed.


Demo Pitch


Work presented by me, Ginger Jiang, Hui Yang,Peixin Fu & Yuan Guo in 6 weeks | Mar. 2015
Screens prototyped with Sketch and Keynote
Project completed in the course “Business of Design” under the instruction of Christopher Ireland, Elizabeth Glenewinkel, Maria