Blus Plus

Environmental Protection Edutainment App offers O2O Services

Blue+ is an edutainment app to encourage people to make a contribution to the environment by handy activities individually or in community.

Feb.- Mar, 2015

“RSA Student Design Award

Role: Research, UX design


The Iceberg Is Melting


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This project is discussing the commons and locating designers based on a series of thinking. According to the book, named Commonwealth, written by Michael Hardt and Antonio Negri, the common isn’t just “the fruits of the soil, and all nature’s bounty” they tell us; it is the universe of things necessary for social life—”knowledges, languages, codes, information, affects.” Under capitalism, nature is ravaged, society brutalized. Hardt and Negri mean by common “not” merely the natural resources that capital seeks to appropriate, but also “the languages we create, the social practices we establish, the modes of sociality that define our relationships”.


 Encourage People to Make Contributions 


Blue+ is an edutainment app to encourage people to make a contribution to the environment by handy activities individually or in community. The fundamental idea is that users can input data from their wearable devices, car millimeters, fitness, or anything they did for reducing CO2 emission or other environmental concerns. The iceberg allocated to them will display their activities dynamically according to their contribution to the environment. The purpose of our project is connecting environmental issues with daily activities and encouraging people to advance solving global warming problems by handy activities, such as, walking while not driving, carpool rather than driving alone, and using the stairs more than elevators. By building a community and collaborating with governments and companies, people who engage to this will not only grow their own virtual iceberg, but also have influence on real-world development. For example, users can take part in online or offline events to let the government or a sponsor to plant more trees in their city. Our design with interesting experience can attract users with both game bonus and real benefits. They can get points and props for the iceberg. Also, we can offer real financial benefits, such as, coupon code, cash bonus, or public transportation bonus. With stimulation of financial benefits, combining growing iceberg game with participating in environment protection, the whole mechanism of our idea can not only help people to develop good habits to save our planet, but also give governments and organizations an opportunity to take actions, sequentially, solve environmental problems.






A Week For Benjamin





 Pave the Way to Behavior Change


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Transfer the long-term feedback on environment to the short-term real time visible feedback.


The redeem system to motivate users on dally activities with physical financial reward.


Creates a community to share, collaborate and communicate about environmental issues.




User Testing



 Tips, Challenges and Events

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Final Solution


blue plus logo

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 How to Survive On the Market


Blue+_ Biz Case

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The Process


Work presented in 5 weeks | March. 2015
Team Project with Kellie Sun & Xiaofang May (CCA)
Project completed under “RSA Student design Award”